Case Report

Airway Management of CHARGE Syndrome: Case Report


  • Hüseyin Sert
  • Muhammet Gözdemir
  • Nuran Kavun Çimen
  • Bünyamin Muslu

Received Date: 07.10.2010 Accepted Date: 23.12.2010 Turk J Anaesthesiol Reanim 2011;39(3):149-152

CHARGE Syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder in patients with coloboma of the eye, heart disease, atresia of choanae, retarded growth, genital hypoplasia, and ear anomalies. In this case report we described anaesthetic management of a 18 months-patient with cardiac anomalies, coloboma of iris, asymmetric ear and hearing impairment at right ear, high palate, renal cysts who undergoes bilateral inguinal hernia and undescended testicle operation. We wanted to emphasize the points which should be considered for patients with CHARGE Syndrome in providing anesthesia and airway patency.

Keywords: CHARGE syndrome, undescended testicle, inguinal hernia, intubation, general anesthesia