Case Report

Cerebral Vein Thrombosis after Spinal Anaesthesia with Pregnancy


  • Derya Karasu
  • Canan Yılmaz
  • Hilal Erdem Solak
  • İsa Kılıç
  • Asuman Ali

Received Date: 19.02.2014 Accepted Date: 13.04.2014 Turk J Anaesthesiol Reanim 2015;43(1):58-61

Thrombosis of cerebral veins or thrombosis of cortical and deep veins that empty into the sinuses can cause serious neurological syndromes. Cerebral vein thrombosis is seen, especially between the ages of 20-35. The predisposing factors in 80% of patients can be determined. Pregnancy, postpartum period and spinal anaesthesia are among the predisposing factors. Diagnosis of the disease is difficult due to the variety of clinical signs and symptoms. Headache is the most common reason for admission to the hospital. Thromboembolic events in pregnancy are an important reason of maternal morbidity and mortality. Most cases of cerebral venous thrombosis in pregnancy occur in the postpartum period. Confusion, convulsions and respiratory arrest occurred in 37-year-old female patient after 3 hours from operation. Cerebral vein thrombosis was diagnosed, owing to laboratory and neuroradiological findings. In this article, we have emphasised the importance of clinical evaluation of pregnant patients with cerebral vein thrombosis after spinal anaesthesia.

Keywords: Pregnancy, cerebral vein thrombosis, spinal anaesthesia