Original Article

Perioperative Patient Temperature Monitoring and Warming: A Survey Study


  • Güniz Meyancı Köksal
  • Yalım Dikmen
  • Tuğhan Utku
  • Birsel Ekici
  • Emre Erbabacan
  • Fatma Alkan
  • Hatice Akarçay
  • Esra Sultan Karabulut
  • Çiğdem Tütüncü
  • Fatiş Altındaş

Received Date: 11.03.2013 Accepted Date: 08.05.2013 Turk J Anaesthesiol Reanim 2013;41(5):149-155


Hypothermia is defined as the decrease of core body temperature under 36°C. Hypothermia in the perioperative period is observed at a rate of 50-90%. In our study, we aimed to measure the perception of hypothermia in our country, to evaluate the measures taken by physicians to avoid hypothermia, to determine the frequency and the methods used to monitor the body temperature and the techniques used in warming the patients. Another aim is to develop a guideline for preventing perioperative hypothermia.


The questionnaire consisted of 26 multiple-choice questions. The time needed to answer the questions was 8-10 minutes.


Of the 1380 individuals, 312 (22.6%) answered the questionnaire. Of these, 148 (47.4%) declared they were from university hospitals, 80 (25.6%) from training and research hospitals, 51 (16.4%) from government hospitals and 33 (10.6%) were from various private hospitals. Of the 312 individuals, 134 (42.9%) were specialists, 107 (34.3%) were resident physicians, 71 (22.8%) were academics. In addition, 212 (67.9%) reported working in operation theaters, 49 (15.7%) in intensive care units and 42 (13.5%) both inoperation theaters and intensive care units. In the answers, there was variation among the hospital type in applications of body temperature monitoring and heating the patient. Another finding is that the individuals have different approaches to the concepts on perioperative hypothermia and its consequences.


The perceptions of physicians and the allied health personnel in government and private hospitals should be enhanced by informing them about the passive and active heating systems to prevent hypothermia. Although the situation in university and training and research hospitals seems to be better, defects are still observed in practice. Preparation of a national guideline for prevention of perioperative hypothermia is needed.

Keywords: Perioperative care, hypothermia, survey