Case Report

Sudden Appearance of Water in Flowmeter During Air/Oxygen and Sevoflurane Anaesthesia


  • Tünay Kandemir
  • Selda Muslu
  • Erbin Kandemir

Received Date: 09.02.2014 Accepted Date: 13.04.2014 Turk J Anaesthesiol Reanim 2015;43(1):65-67

Endotracheal intubation was performed, and a water bubbling sound was heard from the anaesthesia device immediately after the release of gases to administer the O2 -air-sevoflurane mixture. The total flowmeter on the anaesthesia device was then found to be filled with water. The breakdown of the dryer in the medical air compressor system was determined as the source of the problem, since a greasy fluid mixture was released from the air-wall outlets in all rooms. Consequently, the anaesthesia team should keep in mind that problems as seen in the current case might emerge and should be alert.

Keywords: Medical air, flowmeter, anaesthesia device, equipment failure, patient safety