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No Major Age Shift During the Second Wave of COVID-19: A Mortality Analysis at a Tertiary-Level Hospital


Department of Anaesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Critical Care, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India

Turk J Anaesthesiol Reanim 2023; 51: 24-29
DOI: 10.5152/TJAR.2023.22815
Read: 45 Downloads: 22 Published: 01 February 2023

Objective: The second wave of coronavirus epidemic affected India severely. We reviewed the in-hospital deaths during the second wave at a dedicated COVID hospital to better understand the clinical characteristics of patients who died during this period.

Methods: Clinical charts of all patients who were admitted and died in-hospital due to COVID-19 between 1 April 2021 and 15 May 2021 were reviewed and clinical data were analysed.

Results: The total number of patients admitted to hospital and the intensive care unit was 1438 and 306, respectively. The in-hospital and intensive care unit mortality was 9.3% (134 out of 1438 patients) and 37.6% (115 out of 306 patients), respectively. Septic shock with multiorgan failure was the cause of death in 56.6% of the deceased patients (n = 73) and acute respiratory distress syndrome in 35.3% (n = 47) patients. Of the deceased, 1 patient was less than 12 years old, 56.8% were between 13 and 64 years of age and 42.5% were geriatric, that is, 65 years of age or older. There were no comorbidities in 35.1% of the deceased patients. The cause of death did not vary with the age group.

Conclusion: The in-hospital and intensive care unit mortality during the second wave was 9.3% and 37.6%, respectively. There was no major age group shift in the second wave as compared to the first wave. However, a significant number of patients (35.1%) did not have any comorbidity. Septic shock with multiorgan failure was the most common cause of death followed by acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Cite this article as: Prakash K, Ganesh V, Ayub A, et al. No major age shift during the second wave of COVID-19: A mortality analysis at a tertiary-level hospital. Turk J Anaesthesiol Reanim. 2023;51(1):24-29.

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